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My 365 | January 2014 | Dallas, TX Family Photographer

Ok you guys, are you ready? I am actually blogging today. Finally having a bit of time to start/catch-up on my 365 project for 2014. So here it goes. My photos that I’ve taken every day since Jan. 1 of my family. Well, two or three of them. ;) I have two Adams in my life who are not too keen on having their picture made. Why? Who knows. For they’re both gorgeous. :)

2014-01-23_0001 2014-01-23_0003 2014-01-23_0006 2014-01-23_0007 2014-01-23_0008 2014-01-23_0014

2014-01-23_0017 2014-01-23_0019