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Springtime fun! | Melissa, TX family photographer

The cutest part of my day started out with a car wash and ended up with soap in the yard and water on EVERYONE. :)  I can't wait to celebrate this little guy next week on his second birthday! 

Birthday girl | belated post | Dallas, TX family photography

This is my girl.  She is everything to me.  I relish her excitement for life!   She has this incredible, joyful spirit about her at all times.  She's naturally funny, fairly outgoing, has the most beautiful, jolly smile, and her laughter is truly contagious.  I'm blessed beyond words to have her in my life.  I took these images of her on her 8th birthday a few months ago and just haven't had the time to post until now.  I hope you enjoy this set- we had such a great time together creating them!  <3


Monthly life post | Dallas, TX family photographer


These are a few of my favorite images from March 2014 of my own babies.  Life sure seems to be operating at the speed of light lately!  I hope it will slow down a bit, soon! I’m definitely looking forward to summer!  -Jenn

Jenn Weis, Dallas, TX family photography 2014-03-22_0011 2014-03-22_0010 2014-03-22_0009 2014-03-22_0008 2014-03-22_0007 2014-03-22_0006 2014-03-22_0005 2014-03-22_0004 2014-03-22_0003 2014-03-22_0002 2014-03-22_0001

Luke | Eleven months | Mckinney, TX Baby photographer

11month baby photography by Jenn Weis

You have the most amazing blue eyes, the sweetest personality, & I love very much that you like to cuddle!

you love cheese, bread, peas, chicken, apple juice & milk

crawling, cruising and free standing (you will be walking very soon!)

you love playing with your brothers & sister- you can say their names

you like to laugh & when you do, it sounds like an old man’s raspy voice!

you are getting your top teeth in- and are beginning to sleep through the night (atta boy!)

you are fascinated with bath-time

you won’t take a nap in your bed- you will only take them on me….. (my fault)

you have captured our hearts, little man!

We can’t wait to celebrate your first birthday next month! :)

My 365 | January 2014 | Dallas, TX Family Photographer

Ok you guys, are you ready? I am actually blogging today. Finally having a bit of time to start/catch-up on my 365 project for 2014. So here it goes. My photos that I’ve taken every day since Jan. 1 of my family. Well, two or three of them. ;) I have two Adams in my life who are not too keen on having their picture made. Why? Who knows. For they’re both gorgeous. :)

2014-01-23_0001 2014-01-23_0003 2014-01-23_0006 2014-01-23_0007 2014-01-23_0008 2014-01-23_0014

2014-01-23_0017 2014-01-23_0019