Luke | Eleven months | Mckinney, TX Baby photographer

11month baby photography by Jenn Weis

You have the most amazing blue eyes, the sweetest personality, & I love very much that you like to cuddle!

you love cheese, bread, peas, chicken, apple juice & milk

crawling, cruising and free standing (you will be walking very soon!)

you love playing with your brothers & sister- you can say their names

you like to laugh & when you do, it sounds like an old man’s raspy voice!

you are getting your top teeth in- and are beginning to sleep through the night (atta boy!)

you are fascinated with bath-time

you won’t take a nap in your bed- you will only take them on me….. (my fault)

you have captured our hearts, little man!

We can’t wait to celebrate your first birthday next month! :)